MISO Sensor Project

MISO aims to meet the needs of those who need a reliable low cost sensing solution. The modular I2C sensor observer or MISO control board is capable of reading and writing to a local SD card. It is also fit with a real time clock for a sleep mode, and an I2C sensor unput. All this together means that MISO can be fitted with any I2C sesnor module and deployed to collect data remotely for 3 to 4 months at a time.


Ortholinear Keyboards

I am working to design my perfect ortholinear keyboard, I understand this is different for each person. I have successfully build the Berm Keyboard which is a basic 60% ortholinear keyboard. I am currently working on developing a split keyboard revision of the board to give me more flexibility.


Universal Arduino Controller

This is a controller I designed to be used with any arduino project that need to be controlled remotely. It can connect using RF, nRF, bluetooth, and more. It is compatible for a display and has an internal battery. I used it when working a project that connect remotely to an small arduino robot.


FIRST Robotics Competition : Pigmice 2733

I was the lead designer and the CAD operator for the Pigmice Robotics team for 4 years while in highschool. While in the role we went to two world competitions and come home as finalists once. Go FIRST Robotics!


OPEnS Lab Work

While working at Oregon State Universities OPEnS Lab I got the oportunity to learn all about enviromental engineering. I was lead on the Smart Rock and Lilypad Projects and assited Evaporometer and WeatherChimes as a mechanical to design hardware.